Business, Life, and Ayahuasca with Daniel Cleland

#24 Wade Lightheart: Exposing Collective Ignorance, Cancel Culture, And Overcoming A Victim Mentality

August 30, 2021

Welcome to Business, Life, and Ayahuasca, today we are joined by Wade Lightheart (IG: @wadelightheart). Wade is a 3-Time Canadian national All Natural Bodybuilding Champion, former Mr. Universe Competitor, the host of The Awesome Health podcast, and one of the world’s premier authorities on Natural Nutrition and Training Methods. He has worked in the field for 25 years, sold books in over 80 countries, and is the Co-Founder and President at BiOptimizers, a digestive and health optimization company. Listen to Wade talk about victim mentality, totalitarianism, cancel culture, collective ignorance, and much more in this episode of Business, Life, and Ayahuasca. As always, this episode is brought to you by Soltara Healing Center. 

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