Business, Life, and Ayahuasca with Daniel Cleland

#22 Dennis Mckenna: Societal delusions, Crooked Media, and the Immortality Key

July 26, 2021

For episode 22 of Business, Life, and Ayahuasca we are incredibly thankful to have on the godfather of psychedelics, Dennis Mckenna. Dennis Mckenna has been on the scene of the psychedelic movement since the 60s and is still vastly influential today. Dennis Mckenna along with his late brother Terrence Mckenna were a key factor in the introduction of psilocybin mushrooms in the United States. They are considered pioneers of western psychedelic culture and Dennis Mckenna continues to impact the culture through education and organizations such as his very own Mckenna Academy of Natural Philosophy. As always, this episode is brought to you by Soltara Healing Center. 


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